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Sick Business

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Aug 1, 2019


You just started in the hospital business. To get things running you borrowed some money from the Mafia. In return they expect increasing amounts of interest from you as the doctor and CEO.
So it’s up to you to keep the cash flowing, no matter the cost, or your business will be closed down! But beware, the police is not too keen on seeing body bags being dragged around the streets…

Accept only rich patients? Send away those too weak to be healed easily? Actually diagnose patients and treat them effectively, or just sell them the most expensive treatment? Whatever keeps the business afloat and doesn't look too suspicious. Play as the doctor you always wanted but never had and make the world a better place, or harvest all the organs you can get your hands on only to sell them to the highest bidder - in the end it's all up to you.


Explained in-game

August 3, 2019

Pushed a bugfix that hopefully resolves the crash issues quite a few players were experiencing.
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